Angel Card for July

Hello everyone, for this month’s reading I have chosen to use the Messages from the Angels deck of cards. After a short meditation and receiving energy from Archangel Michael, the card for all of us is…

CelesteAngel Card Celeste

This card is for those who are thinking about moving house or changing employment. If you are planning a house move, try sitting quietly with a blank piece of paper and start to visualise exactly how you want your house to look. Would it to be detached, semi-detached, or maybe you’d like a flat or a bungalow? How many rooms does it have upstairs and downstairs, what sort of garden, sheds and land would you like? Be precise, the more detail you provide the better, as this will tell spirit and the angels your plans.

The same goes for employment, do you desire to be your own boss or be employed? How much would you like to earn? Visualise doing your chosen job and see yourself doing extremely well. Again the more details you include, the quicker you will receive it.

My vision board early last year had a drawing I did of a bungalow with paddocks, fields, out buildings and stables, I even included the price we wanted to pay for our new home. In October we bought a bungalow at exactly the same price we had written down, plus it had everything I’d asked for! I was so focused and determined to get the house that I wanted, that I visualised every day and felt myself living there, and the universe provided.

So be positive and crystal clear about what you want, write down all the details, visualise and feel your dreams coming true.

“What you think about, you bring about.”

I hope you’ve found this useful. If you have any questions about creating vision boards and how to visualise I’d love to hear from you –

Until next month.

Love light and angel blessings,

Linda x