Angel Card for June

I have chosen to use the Angel Therapy deck of cards this month. After a short meditation and receiving energy from Archangel Michael, the card for all of us is…Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download


Angel Card for June - CrystalsFor those of you who are not familiar with crystals, this may be helpful. The picture shows an angel dressed in purple. Her wings are light purple too and her hand is extending up into a beautiful waterfall allowing the water to cleanse her.

Cleansing ourselves is something we forget to do in our daily lives. People, family and places can give off negative energy. For those of us who are sensitive, we can absorb these energies like a sponge. This isn’t always a bad thing, however if it makes you feel tired or poorly then you will need to cleanse yourself. Whilst holding a cleansed amethyst crystal, sit in a quiet place and ask the crystal energy to absorb all the negative feelings in your body. Allow the crystal to regenerate your own healing and energy.

Amethyst can also strengthen your psychic energy by holding it to your forehead, known as your third eye chakra. Believe that the healing is done, and remember your mind has the power to dismiss and delete all negative thoughts. Instead replace these with positive, strong and healthy thoughts. You can be, have or do whatever you desire and crystals can aid this process with their power. Whenever you use crystals always cleanse them afterwards, either in running water, salt water or in sun or moon light.

So take some time this month to go to a shop and chose just one crystal that you are attracted to. Or if you have many at home, give them a cleanse and start to use them. They will become like trusted friends.

Until next month.

Love light and angel blessings,

Linda x