Psychic Readings

  • Angel reading – £30 (duration 45 minutes to 1 hour)
  • Angel reading & Angel healing – £40


What is an Angel card reading?

An angel card reading is a way to receive Angelic guidance. They are similar to tarot card readings, the basic principle is much the same, however the source of guidance is somewhat different. An angel card reader is specifically asking for guidance from your angels or spirit guides.

There are several Angel card decks to choose from, however my personal favourite is Doreen Virtue’s . I am a spiritual coach and use Archangel Michael for protection and information. With an Angel card reading, the person being read focuses on either a question or situation that they’d like to receive Angelic guidance about. I use the cards as a tool to connect to your energy. I’m simply an interpreter for all the information that comes to me. I read the card meanings and also tune in to any thoughts, impressions, feelings, and/or visions that I may get.

I can connect to your past loved ones if they choose to connect. They give me a picture of how they look, so I can describe them to you. Plus a feeling of how they may have spoken or behaved. I can also feel the mood and energy from living people around you, sometimes being able to make sense of their behaviour and emotions.

We start with a one card pull, then I ask you to choose an Angel card deck for us to work with. The cards will talk to us showing you your destiny or a solution. The Angels will prioritise what you need to know during your reading, so the messages may be different to what you originally planned. The angels may choose relationships, health, financial or business, it all depends on what they feel you need to know.

Once the reading has finished you can choose to have some Angel Healing.


What is Angel healing?

Angel Therapy is a non-denominational spiritual healing method that involves working with a person’s guardian angels and archangels.

The process of Angel healing is similar to other healing, using the laying of hands. Whilst laying comfortably on my therapist couch, I use angelic energy, colours and metaphysical prayers to aid and heal any issues that may have come up during your reading.

Many come and see me annually, or several times a year. Angel healing has helped those suffering with grief, a dilemma, or has helped people to see a situation from a different perspective.