Angel Card for July

Hello everyone, for this month’s reading I have chosen to use the Messages from the Angels deck of cards. After a short meditation and receiving energy from Archangel Michael, the card for all of us is…

CelesteAngel Card Celeste

This card is for those who are thinking about moving house or changing employment. If you are planning a house move, try sitting quietly with a blank piece of paper and start to visualise exactly how you want your house to look. Would it to be detached, semi-detached, or maybe you’d like a flat or a bungalow? How many rooms does it have upstairs and downstairs, what sort of garden, sheds and land would you like? Be precise, the more detail you provide the better, as this will tell spirit and the angels your plans.

The same goes for employment, do you desire to be your own boss or be employed? How much would you like to earn? Visualise doing your chosen job and see yourself doing extremely well. Again the more details you include, the quicker you will receive it.

My vision board early last year had a drawing I did of a bungalow with paddocks, fields, out buildings and stables, I even included the price we wanted to pay for our new home. In October we bought a bungalow at exactly the same price we had written down, plus it had everything I’d asked for! I was so focused and determined to get the house that I wanted, that I visualised every day and felt myself living there, and the universe provided.

So be positive and crystal clear about what you want, write down all the details, visualise and feel your dreams coming true.

“What you think about, you bring about.”

I hope you’ve found this useful. If you have any questions about creating vision boards and how to visualise I’d love to hear from you –

Until next month.

Love light and angel blessings,

Linda x


Angel Card for June

I have chosen to use the Angel Therapy deck of cards this month. After a short meditation and receiving energy from Archangel Michael, the card for all of us is…Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download


Angel Card for June - CrystalsFor those of you who are not familiar with crystals, this may be helpful. The picture shows an angel dressed in purple. Her wings are light purple too and her hand is extending up into a beautiful waterfall allowing the water to cleanse her.

Cleansing ourselves is something we forget to do in our daily lives. People, family and places can give off negative energy. For those of us who are sensitive, we can absorb these energies like a sponge. This isn’t always a bad thing, however if it makes you feel tired or poorly then you will need to cleanse yourself. Whilst holding a cleansed amethyst crystal, sit in a quiet place and ask the crystal energy to absorb all the negative feelings in your body. Allow the crystal to regenerate your own healing and energy.

Amethyst can also strengthen your psychic energy by holding it to your forehead, known as your third eye chakra. Believe that the healing is done, and remember your mind has the power to dismiss and delete all negative thoughts. Instead replace these with positive, strong and healthy thoughts. You can be, have or do whatever you desire and crystals can aid this process with their power. Whenever you use crystals always cleanse them afterwards, either in running water, salt water or in sun or moon light.

So take some time this month to go to a shop and chose just one crystal that you are attracted to. Or if you have many at home, give them a cleanse and start to use them. They will become like trusted friends.

Until next month.

Love light and angel blessings,

Linda x



Angel Card for May

This is so exciting, I hope the Angel Card of the Month will help you as much as it helps me.

I have chosen the Messages from your Angels deck of cards this month.
After a short meditation and receiving energy from Archangel Michael, the card for all of us is…


Angel Card - Crystal

This is a very positive Angel card and very relevant for myself too. Crystal is here to show you that your desires and plans are now in action.

For those who are starting out in a new business, new home, relationship or if you just need some good to come into your life, just look at the card, close your eyes and visualise your desired outcome. Feel it in your body, see it in your mind’s eye, as if you have already achieved it. The stronger the link the quicker it comes to you.

This card is always positive to have in any Psychic Reading and brings hope and success. Do not allow people to crush your dreams and desires, hold fast and just believe they are already here.

If you haven’t heard of vision boards please let me know, as I run regular Workshops teaching people how to create and use these. A vision board is somewhere you put pictures and other relevant visual information about your desired outcome. Ideally you need to look at your vision board every morning when you get up, and when you go to bed at night. Connect the pictures you have with feelings, and see yourself achieving your dreams. It worked for me, as our new home is almost identical to the drawing I did and the exact price that I put on my vision board last year!

Remember that daily action is needed to keep your desires alive.

I love this quote from Louise Hay –

“I am open and ready to receive all good in my life today.”

Simply open your hands and ask!

Until next month,

Love, light and angel blessings,Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Linda x