Indian Head Massage

We have a brand new treatment room at Angel Corner, however I can still do mobile treatments locally around Hundon & Clare. I look forward to seeing you.

 Treatment Price

  • 30 minute treatment – £25

What is Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is a form of massage therapy that was created in India thousands of years ago. Indian children were taught from a young age to massage their parents and grandparents. It would be quite a common sight to see whole families sitting in a long line, crossed legged on the floor massaging each other.

The massage style is derived from the Ayurvedic tradition, which goes beyond the limits of healing and places an emphasis on balance. It focuses on applying massage and acupressure techniques to the head, shoulders, neck scalp and face, in the belief that these are important energy centres in the body and by treating these the whole body can benefit.

The Benefits

Indian Head massage is a safe, simple yet very effective therapy that not only promotes hair growth, but also provides relief from aches and pains. The treatment is an ideal way to get a person  “out of their head”, far away from their everyday emotional and mental stress. After a treatment, clients have an improved sense of well-being and feel incredibly relaxed.

Other physical and psychological benefits include:

  • Relieving eyestrain, tension headaches, nasal congestion and jaw-ache.
  • Strengthening the immune system.
  • Relieving muscular pain, stiffness and tension by relaxing the muscles and removing toxins in the face, scalp, neck, upper back, shoulders and arms.
  • Relaxes and soothes tense eye muscles relieving tired eyes and eye strain, giving sinus clearance.
  • Helps relieve mental fatigue, promoting clearer thinking and better concentration, and, creating a feeling of balance and calm.
  • Helps with hair loss and thinning.
  • Relieves sleeplessness, restlessness and insomnia.
  • Alleviates stress, anxiety, lethargy and mild depression.
  • Renews energy levels.
  • Relaxation of the whole body and mind.

 The Treatment

During the massage you will be seated, and have the choice to have the treatment with or without oil. Soft background music and candles will add to the ambiance, and as you close your eyes, you will begin to feel calm. I start the treatment by connecting to your energy, and using a variety of different techniques I proceed to massage all of the back, from the shoulders blade upwards. The next area to be worked is the shoulders and upper arms, going on to the neck and the scalp. The face has a mini massage too and I finish off with a brief back massage. Finally I incorporate Reiki at the end of the treatment to induce total relaxation.

The treatment lasts for 30 minutes. If you are suffering with hair loss, stress or sleep disorders, I would recommend a weekly session as this will benefit you the most.

Indian Head Massage can be taken into offices and a similar massage can be performed while clothed to relieve stress and RSI.